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- Solar Hot Water
- Water Conservation
- Wind Energy
- Heat Recovery
- Hybrid Heating
- Solar Hot Water
- Water Conservation
- Wind Energy
- Wastewater Heat


 Welcome to Setanta - Sustainable Solutions in Energy & Water

At Setanta we’re focused on you, providing families and businesses with the very best solutions in Solar Hot Water ( Domestic Hot Water and Hydronic Heating), Water Conservation ( gray water and rainwater harvesting), Wind Power ( small lot friendly vertical axis turbines – VAWT) and Wastewater Heat Recovery.

All of our solutions can be designed/sized to meet the unique needs of families and businesses alike.

Our commitment to customer service combined with outstanding products and engineering services assure the best solution and your satisfaction.

The services of Setanta are further augmented with the additional resources of our partner organizations in Seattle ( Rainier Renewable Energy) and San Francisco ( ISA Corporation)  providing additional expertise in geothermal systems and solar electricity (PV).